Florida bound

Yesterday was an incredibly easy laid-back sort of day, knowing that I had a few things to do but with seemingly all the time in the world. Funny how a day like that gets away on a person. It did for me! Before I knew it, 8pm rolled around I had accomplished very little of what I initially started out doing. Yet again, I was to leave packing for a trip until the last minute. Dang! And here I thought i was ahead of the curve but instead, I fell behind the eight ball. By the time that I was packed (80% anyway, as slaDE was in bed and I didn’t want to wake him with my jostlings), it was 2am and I was ready to drop. But I needed to wake early to finish up the final touches (i.e. make room on the answering machine, shave my legs, clean the kitchen, drop off library books, etc.).

Incredibly grateful to have TJ pick us up (on time!) and drop us off at the airport. A good friend he is. And then, out the door we were, swept away to our Florida adventure.

Upon arrival (after a thankfully uneventful flight), we gathered up our luggage (last on, first baggage off = nifty trick) and made our way, via shuttle, to Sunshine Rentals to collect our rental car. With a zippy VW Jetta for the week, we zoomed off to WalMart (egads, I know) to buy a tent and sleeping pads for the nights when we wouldn’t be at our timeshare. The plan: set up a home base at the DeLand Airport dropzone, and skydive when we weren’t with the family at Disney. We lucked out and managed to salvage a pair of thick foam mattresses, which made for a far more comfortable sleep that the thin inflatable air mattresses that we bought. Sweet!

For some reason, I thought that Florida would be warm this time of the year. Man was I totally off. I was freezing! To top it off, the cold wind set the wind chill at a Canada-like temperature similiar to the past week in Calgary. Who would have thought?
This being slaDE~s first time in Florida (dz mecca of the world), it was fabulous to introduce him to one of the busiest skydiving airports in the State. Bonus that there would be 100 attempts organized by BJ Worth next weekend. Makes for a nice change from the active team training that keeps the dz otherwise busy.

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