High rolling in Orlando

slaDE~ and I met Said Ismail about 6 years ago at the Wind Tunnel in Eloy Arizona. I was recovering from my injured wing, and had yet to get back in to skydiving, for fear of not being fully healed. The prospect of testing the strength of my shoulder was tempting with the wind tunnel at our doorstep. And then Said came along, heard my story, and offered me 5 minutes of time for free in the tunnel, sharing in his block. What a heart-warming and most generous offer! Complete strangers became instant friends that day, and ever since, both slaDE and myself have kept a nice connection with our roving French friend. Upon hearing that we were in Orlando, Said insisted that we be his guests. Several days were spent exploring Orlando and the Real Estate jungle as we accompanied Said and Sara on their adventures as they whirled and twirled their magic. For once, I am at a loss for words to describe the richness of our time as slaDE and I were whisked through parts of Florida in the yellow Chevy ‘Transformer’ Camaro.

Said and Sara are ‘tea people’. We savoured so many different brands of delicate herbal teas. I was in heaven :). Lots of yummy food, wines, chocolate covered popcorn, burritos and Thai soups.

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