Tampa RV Super Show

An old cigar factory and store in Ybor City

I was really looking forward to the Florida Super Show in Tampa. The dates of the show were scheduled between this past Wednesday through to tomorrow. Having spent a few extra unplanned days in Orlando with our friends, I was happy to at least get 1 full day in before the event’s closing. We were happy to have Minna tag along with us, so that she could experience the RV lifestyle through viewing the latest RVs and the newest technology. The beauty of the vast fairground acreage meant that it was highly accessible for wheelchairs, except for the actual entrance and exit in to each RV on display. One day was certainly not enough to view the entire Super Show … our ticket was a two day pass, but we only had allotted one day for the venue. With all the informative seminars going on, the acres of RVs to view and the vendors booths circulated throughout the grounds, we were on the go from our arrival until the park closed. My favourite area, of course, was the Airstream contingency. Gleaming rows of spanking new aluminum bullets made my heart glow with pride of ownership. 🙂 I even daydreamed about our potential next new Airstream, if that were ever to arise.

So much to see and do! Of course, an area for kids was apportioned for the kids, and a free climbing wall climb provided a nice distraction for us midday.

I took many photos throughout the day of cool RV innovations that I thought were worthwhile to include. I’ve made captions to describe what I found interesting about the picture. Unfortunately, I didn’t take notes on the manufacturer’s name or RV that the innovative item was housed. Sorry about that. Perhaps you’ll garner some ideas for useful potential inventions in your own home / RV!

Near the end of the show, we made our way to Camping World to look for any deals on the Fantastic Fans. We’re hoping to install two in our Airstream this Spring, as our current fan holes are temporarily sealed with the old blowers no longer functioning. We are definitely in need of alternate ventilation beyond the air conditioner, with the heat and humidity Summer brings! So after checking out what they had in stock, I noted that the two different models they had on display were labelled at one price for the two. Mentioning this to the girl upon checkout (with purchase of the 2 more expensive fans in hand), she noted that they she had to give me the ticketed prive, even though the actual Camping World price was double in value. Whoa! This meant a total of $180 in savings. WOW! Made for pretty happy campers :).

Ybor City with Minna and slaDE~
The Dirty Shame

After the RV Show, we made a beeline to Ybor City, a National Historic Landmark District just northeast of downtown Tampa. Ybor City was founded in the 1880s by cigar manufacturers and was populated by thousands of immigrants who would roll millions of cigars annually in the multitude of cigar factories. Truly a vibrantly colourful part of town with much history, cool signs and tiling. But very quiet for a Saturday night. 🙂

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