A Day for Childhood Adventures

Ever since I was a wee little lass, I have enjoyed the magic of Walt Disney and the spirited fire and thrills of amusement parks, whether they be centred around Hannah Barbara, Walt Disney, Pixar,

Marvel, Universal Studios, etc. Childhood fantasies of flight and motion, superhuman powers, of movie magic, amusement and freedom has been a consistent theme in my dreams (probably from my first prepubescent visit to Walt Disney Florida at the tender impressionable age of 9). Perhaps that is where my desire for all things flight (i.e. my skydiving and private pilot licenses) emerged from?

Part of coming to Florida this year stemmed from my desire to visit the new Harry Potter exhibit at Universal Studios. Zephyrhills was a new dropzone neither of us had jumped at before. And the potential combination of exploring the two really sparked my enthusiasm for Airstreaming in Florida. Today was the zenith of my excitement …. Universal magic lay at our fingertips, accompanied by our two Alumapalooza friends Lisa & Brett (local Floridians close to the Tampa area). The plan was to spend the daylight hours at Universal and then meet up with our friend Said for further adventures around Orlando.

Being just a big kid at heart, I was all over the idea of purchasing an all-day pass to both Universal Parks. Why not explore both whilst here??!

Magic unfolded …. Harry Potter came alive through ride upon ride butted with sinfully decadent butterbeer sensations.

Secretly, I could spend the whole day in this one portion of the park, but many worlds beckoned us with their enchanted lights / sights / sounds and thrilling rides. Marvel Comics, Dr Seuss, Hogsmeade, Shrek … so much to see and do, but with very little time (considering the long lines for this off-peak quirky busy Wednesday and early evening closing of 6pm).

A fan favourite for Brett, slaDE~ and myself: ‘The Rockin’ Rocket’ where one can choose their own music for the ride of magical proportions, dizzying speeds and monolithic heights. It was our last stop before the park closed with only a 15 minute queue (our first ride wait time was about 45 minutes). What a brilliant fantabulous day. And to top the evening off, Brett treated us all to a quick ’snack’ at the infamous Emeril’s restaurant. Divinity in a bowl :). YummY!

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