Blogging Privacy aka the Meaning behind my Blog

privacy settingsToday was such a wonderful day, spent with my older sister Blue and my nephew Forrester. We had a whole afternoon together, enjoying a family lunch and hours of conversation. And I would so love to post those photos, yet at the same time, I want to respect my sister’s wishes. She specifically wants to maintain her privacy and thus not have such photos online.

Obviously, through the medium of WordPress, I’ve chosen a different path. I love to document my life, leaving much of my existence open to public perusal. I do, at times find this unnerving, but at the same time, I achieve much joy in my writing, exploring and delving further into my journey, public as it may be. Since 2006, I’ve had a blog in my name, infused with my photos and effused with my impetuous thoughts and meanderings. It’s amazing to think the amount of character information which exists in this one portal, my blog, documenting my existence.

Somewhat scary and eerie, the more that I think about it, but at the same time, blogging is a natural and authentic part of who I am. I find it easier to communicate my mental imagery and conversations by vocalizing through finger input. That delay in thought-to-finger gives me the chance to edit, audit and rethink what the final copy will be. A manner of sorts where I think before I vocalize, while at the same time, not really thinking too hard about what it is I am in fact writing about. Hard to explain and potentially hard to understand, but when it comes right down to it, my passion for writing hopefully shines through in my daily ramblings, no holds barred. Privacy? What privacy!

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