As the stomach turns

Winding through the Osoyoos Rockies, returning from a lovely long weekend in Vancouver, my stomach is rumbling, twisting and turning as quickly as the road is catapulting us in every possible direction. Who would have thought that a skydiver / pilot like myself would get road sick as our bike-frenzied driver makes like he is on his Honda ST1300 rather than his Ford F150 Lariat. As soon as we were able, a sudden pit stop was made (in an attempt to avert the big hurl) with me running in search of some Gravol (I had forgotten to bring along aromatherapy oils — ginger — which always seem to work for me). It being a last minute decision to come along on this trip, many things, that would have been useful for our travels, were left behind. Such as the power-cord to the Powerbook laptop, my essential oils and my pleasure book for reading. Oh well, at least I had my husband along for entertainment ….. and that is all that matters, truly.

It all began last Thursday evening when we attended Gazoo and Janice’s wedding reception. They’re new skydiving friends who have an edge for adventure. Approaching us after the reception, they asked us if we wanted to tag along to another friend’s wedding in Vancouver, leaving tomorrow after work. Game for a skydiving roadtrip, we jumped at the chance. Eleven hours night driving from door to door made for a long trip. but at least it was a very comfortable ride in their king cab, leather seats.

We have family friends of old who live in Surrey and were openly receptive to us crashing on their couch whilst exploring a weekend of possibilities. We ended up spending the day with Ron & Peggy, who gave us a quick tour of Vancouver, ending the day with the best Ethiopian meal EVER. Whirlwind indeed, fantastically fun, absolutely.

On the Sunday morning, Gazoo picked us up, after listening to a water presentation on the Kangen water system. Looking out at the blue skies, we made a speedy exit for the door and made our way to the drop zone in Abbotsford. The Pilatus Porter is their biggest draw with a beautiful valley of mountains surrounding the outskirts of the city. It was a lovely day of jumping for slaDE~ and friends. They were lucky to get in as many Porter jumps as they did: Abbotsford is a busy tandem factory indeed.

We spent the night at Leah’s place, after eating a scrumptious Thai meal at the Mango Tree restaurant, before crashing, in the company of her roaming fluffy cat.

The drive back to Calgary was long along the southern winding passage of British Columbia. A fabulous but painfully stiff journey with a 1am arrival back in the big smoke. Guess a 6am wake-up will determine whether I’m up for an early morning bike ride to work. Nighty night.

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