News out the ying yang

Today was truly a momentous, most memorable day … full of decisions, laughter and surprises.

It all started out as a conversation around returning home to Ontario. When Aaron’s fiance, Otto, decided to shy away (temporarily?) from the prospect of marriage, slaDE~ and I were flip flopping on the idea of cashing in our airline tickets or go home for a quick visit. Over the weekend, Westjet had flagged their $99 seat sale — offering up one way from Calgary to TO. On top of that, today they added an extra 5% bonus off the ticket price. Even with a cancellation fee of $84 per person on our tickets, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity of a $400+ savings in flying home on different dates. Wicked! We’d be going home after all 🙂

And then came the question that literally stunned me …. the term ‘knock me over with a feather’ comes to mind. slaDE~ asked me, in his calmest coolest sexiest voice, to marry him, whilst we were at home. At first I thought slaDE~ was joking. For the past 2+ years, we have lived with open hearts living a true connection that has been marriage in the ultimate form … with heart, soul and mind, bank accounts and lives intertwined. What more could one ask for?! To us, our union (from the moment I returned from Guatemala, over 2 years ago) has been as official as one could ever hope, want or desire.

However, to be truthfully honest, an official ceremony has been tickling at the back of my mind … thoughtfully considered as a ‘someday event’, a possibility. Dating back to my young girlish days, something to be desired, but in my current mindset, not a necessary formality.

Zooming back to that moment of disbelief …. M A R R I A G E. WOW! Who would have ever thought?
And slowly, the truth and beauty of what the ceremony would mean was co-cre8ted with my best friend: an informal, non-traditional, meaningful and love-filled ceremony, on August 22, 2008. Shared with the closest of family and friends. Truth, connection and love. Ahhhhh. Now that’s what I call a party!

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