Living on borrowed time and resolve

I’m not really one for making New Year’s resolutions. This year of 2008 will just be another one, in a long line of moment to moment discoveries, growth spurts and inner explorations, in all realms and sense of the words.

I’ve learned that New Year’s resolutions are ultimately just a manner of pledging somewhat spontaneous thoughts of active intention that may or may not (but often do) lead to broken promises of resolute purpose. In my books, attempting to live in the moment is a resolve in itself that’s tough enough to maintain commitment to.

In 2007, successfully and triumphantly delving inwards through a stringent 30 day detox displayed to me that my resolve can be strong when I have full intention to living and breathing through a stronger, healthier, better life. Volunteering through the Christmas holidays with a steadfast commitment to serving others helped ground me in the authentic reality of where and what needs work in my tiny little bubble and the convoluted box outside of my inner sanctum, otherwise known as the ‘big bad world’.

Resolutions based on frantic attempts to change habits, make commitments and radically shift the direction of one’s life will ultimately lead to disappointment. As Scotty Young eloquently puts it, most New Years Resolutions suck.

So, with inner guidance and a breathe of vigilance, I ‘resolve‘ to exist moment by moment, breathing in a humble yogic lifestyle that helps me maintain any sense of commitment to a higher power beyond ME! It’s not all about me anymore. There’s too much pain knocking at the doors of my sKY::bubble to feign ignorance to the world around me. Watching the evening news is far too overwhelming to garner the vast complexity of the world’s pain. Especially when it sits at our doorstep. One day at a time, change begins with me.

New Year's Resolutions

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