Clarifying matters

kicking it alL!Okay, just to set the record straight, my reasoning behind a lengthy 4-6 week detoxification has NOTHING to do with what the bratty young stars (Spears, Lohan and Mel Gibson to name but a few) who have made fashionable the expensive detox ‘holidays’. Nor does it have anything to do with wanting to lose weight; it’s not a ‘diet’ per se, but rather a way of living and flourishing. This quote below explains it best:

The term detox is also used to refer to diets, herbs, and other methods of removing environmental and dietary toxins from the body for general health.

There are many different types of detox diets. Generally, a detox diet is a short-term diet that:

  • Minimizes the amount of chemicals ingested (e.g. by choosing organic food)
  • Emphasizes foods that provide the vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that the body needs for detoxification
  • Contains foods that draw out and eliminate toxins by increasing the frequency of bowel movements and urination (such as high fiber foods and water)

For me, in addition to the above, embarking on this adventure means trying to rid myself of a lot of toxic mercury which has been creating some undesirable side effects in my life lately. Also, I’m hoping to ease the joint discomfort which leaves me in want of restful undisturbed sleep. Care to take the challenge and follow me in my footsteps? Come on, it’ll be GREAT for you :).

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