Winding down, winding up

Why is it that whenever I go on vacation (a time of supposed relaxation and stress-relief), I usually end up needing a vacation afterwards to unwind from a fast-paced hectic schedule far busier than my everyday life!

The eve before a trip, for both slaDE~ and myself, is typically an evening of last-minute packing and little, if no, sleep. Such was the case last night. Nada sleep. Zippo. Zillch. Makes for a tired girl …. but happy. Actually I’m really excited, to be going home. slaDE~s in the same predicament. No snoozin for uS! We have such huge plans with much to accomplish. Fitting it (and family / friends) all in will be a hectic but enjoyable experience.

Our friend Robin was extremely kind to offer us a ride to the airport. On time, relaxed and adrenalized, we encountered an interesting scenario at check-in. At first, the gate attendant gave us an absolute NO to bringing slaDE~s parachute along on the flight, whether it be carry-on or otherwise. Armed with a Vigil xray card, we spent an animated 15 minutes speaking with his supervisor before getting the a-ok to carry the rig on board. yipPEE! That was a HUGE accomplishment, and slaDE~ was visibly relieved.

With a 1.5 hour delay on our Westjet flight, I was able to catch a lovely little cat-naP in the lounge waiting area. I’ve had the good-fortune of napping in different terminals, and Calgary is one of the comfy ones, indeed!

After a spectacular visibly beautiful flight we landed uneventfully at Waterloo-Wellington International airport. What a pleasure! Small airport, no lines, quick baggage capture. Can’t beat that, especially when the family only lives a 10 minute drive away.

A relatively quiet night for me. I was pooped!

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  1. Sounds to me all the ingredients of a super holiday. Coming back rested is for old folks and I don't know any old folks. Love, Bill

  2. I hear ya girlfriend! I could have used a week off after my vacation just to catch up on my laundry! ( which still isn't done, by the way!) And I didn't run around 2 countries like you and Slade did! Hope you're recovering from vacation well by now…love you both!Lisa

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