Sunrise over Lake Atitlán

I arose early, as usual, wanting to savour the possible sunrise over the volcanoes and lake. Although it was 6:45am ,the sun had crested already but the skies were clear and crisp, with a smattering of fog to add some character to the twelve identified towns (with the names of Christ’s apostles) surrounding Lake Atitlán. After a scrumptious breakfast drawn out over 3 hours, Heidi and I set out to explore the Sunday market. Colour abounded all around us, in the form of food, clothing and character. The beautiful Mayan clothing is very different here from that of Xela. So much so that we were drawn to this one shop just selling the hand-woven material. And what a treasure … I couldn’t help but be enchanted by the two little daughters of the owner. Cute as buttons with miniature huipiles encasing their tiny little bodies. So unbelievably photogenic and full of laughter, smiles and the cutest voices, smooth and infectiously sweet as a bottle of the finest Ice Wine. We took a mountain of photos and in return treated the girls to shaved ice with sickly syrup :>o. Priceless, truly ….
Before leaving, I just had to learn the trade of bracelet-making, indigenous to this region. Enrique and his wife were patient and kind in selling me the tools I needed to make a few souvenirs … I figured that I would have the time to make a few in a year! I only bought a small amount of cord, knowing that I’d be back soon, not wanting to carry too much with me. And with that lesson in tow, we piled into our van and set off for Xela on a crazy winding journey back to our homestay.

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