Twisting climbing gorgeousness

glorious California coastlineLighthouseYesterday we were blessed with a safe front-yard in Santa Cruz to park our Airstream! Yay, the freedom to explore Northern California without being encumbered by the possibilities of parking. I can’t tell you how much a relief that truly is, especially in getting around a big city. Travelling has taken on whole new meaning and insight, with finding space to safely park, flourish and live in our 35 foot trailer (which works out to be about 52 feet in total, with the Dodge attached).

This morning we broke camp early so that we could make our way north to the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute. From the moment I stepped in to this gorgeous 1904 Victorian home, I knew that this was a place I wanted to be, partaking this weekend’s Yoga Teacher’s conference: “Heart to Hand – The Use of Touch in Teaching”.  A home to establish ourselves for a little while.

steep San Fran streetsSan Fran muralThe drive up Highway 1 alongside the coast was absolutely scrumptious. So beautifully striking. A photographers dream, truly. We arrived earlier than expected and explored the Integral Yoga Institute in the Mission area of San Francisco. After a decadent yummy lunch after the noontime meditation, we went on an exploratory expedition of the area. The sun was shining, the temperature warm and the scenery fantastic. Oh the streets! They are crazy steep (I can’t imagine driving a manual car in this city). So much so, that many of them have steps instead of sidewalks.  Today was about settling and easing in to a weekend of yoga. The evening session started us out with learning how to give a Thai massage. Yum. Hope slaDE~ and I exchange this skill often!

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  1. the lighthouse and the water reminds me of newfounland , it looks awesome , from here
    enjoy your weekend , Believe it , you are there
    love and joy
    mom dawson

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