Heart to Hand

The Temple's altarNot only could the workshop be called ‘Heart to Hand’, another worthy name also descriptive of the opulence might be ‘Heavenly Food to Stomach’.  I have died and gone to food heaven. Oh divine coconut sweet potato soup!!!! Two hours later and man, I’m still full from the creamy delights of 1 1/3 bowls! Probably didn’t help that I just had some yummy chocolate ;).

Amazing building and room space, fabulous workshop … I especially enjoyed the blindfolded yoga class this morning. It was a very long day but oh so worth the experience. Meditation a go-go.Below is the description that encapsulates the weekend:

Kristie Dahlia Home, a senior Integral Yoga teacher, incorporates her knowledge of Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki to share the subtle power of using touch when teaching. Kristie addressed when to use and not to use touch as well as energetic exchange between teacher and student. Prerequisite: This program is open to Yoga teachers from any lineage.

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