Trying to fit it all in

It’s been a great week … SlaDE~ spent the week back at work, wanting to take advantage of his daily travel supplement. He did however take a 1/2 day off to go see my Homeopathic Doctor …. Prolotherapy was on the menu, in the hopes to perhaps help his 18 year old knee injury. It was kinda neat to see the positive effect (in the form of a long-held release) for him. I’ve yet to experience such a relief on my shoulders in my 2 treatments. I’ll give it some time.

I was a busy bee trying to finesse our plans for our New Year’s weekend away. I had booked a room at the Misty River Lodge (slash Radium Youth Hostel) for 2 nights with the intention of us spending a day at the Radium Hot Springs Mineral Pools. The fact that we decided to stop in Banff on the way to Radium was a unexpected bonus. Last minute, I booked slaDE~ a hot stone massage at the Banff Hot Springs Pleiades Spa (mere feet aware from the actual pool) just before midday. We left early this morning hoping to hike up Sulphur Mountain, but getting away at 7:30am cut our time short for this climb (a 2-5 hour hike up and 30 minute gondola ride down), leaving us a bit short. Our next option was to wile away the time in the Hot Springs. While slaDE~ was enjoying a new-to-him type of massage, I became wrinkled like a prune, drinking in the crisp clean mountain air and savouring the spectacular view. I was quite surprised at how small the pool actually was, and it felt even more cramped with the large amount of people in and out during my time there.

The drive to Radium Hot Springs in kootenay National Park
After slaDE~s massage, we made our way to Radium Hot Springs. What a spectacular drive! Once we started our drive south of the Trans Canada, there really was no stopping (apart from the occasional scenic outcropping) amidst the vast expanse between the Banff and Kootenay National Parks. The scenery is some of the most breathtaking vistas that I have even witnessed. Driving through the Sinclair Canyon into Radium was awe-inspiring … Giant vast red cliffs which dominate with their glory.

We found our hotel and decided to shop for our dinner (the hostel has full cooking facilities!) at the local Supermarket. After check in to our lovely cosy room, we made a luscious dinner of KD and chicken and then settled in for the evening, a big day ahead of us tomorrow!

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