no basura here!

It was such a surreal sight to see someone actually picking up garbage here in Guatemala. Antigua is a nostalgic clean city with character, so different from the rest of Guatemala and other third world countries. The city actually provides garbage cans conspicuously placed everywhere in positive attempts to keep it clean and appealing to the many tourists that they rely on heavily for sustenance. It’s such a shame that the government can’t adopt an incentive program throughout the country to keep it garbage-free and beautiful for the sake of the inhabitants and those that want to savour the glorious beauty so true to this country.

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  1. from Betty

    I have until june 8th here and will see your mom tonight. She is coming over for Abi’s birthday around 6:30 pm or so didn’t know you were back. That is too bad I am sure she will fill me in. Thinking of you, Betty

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