Boxers Unscathed

I had the ole dukes out and polished up especially for today. 🙂
Boxing Day: Canada’s most popular shopping day of the year. Can you say 1/2 price?!
I was quite surprised and delighted by slaDE~s enthusiasm to venture out with me (the first time I’ve been shopping on the 26th in many many years, and boy was I anxious to find us some deals!).

We spent 3/4 of the day walking around the city rather than face the jam-packed Malls. We discovered a treasure in London Drugs … A surprise haven for computer technology, especially with their vast selection and knowledge of MACs (of course I’m sold!). I was salivating over the gorgeous 17 inch MacBook Pro laptop … Apple’s latest and greatest. In due time … Want to wait a bit with Apple’s new Intel-based duo-core technology out on the market, for all the major glitches to be fixed (or at least subdued) before spending a couple or three grand.

We did however purchase a shiny new wireless Chinook Mall was next on our agenda. It was incredibly busy, but nothing that we couldn’t handle. In the end, a successful day was had by all (from what slaDE~ told me, Canadians spent 1.8 BILLION dollars on this day today. WoW!).

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