International Polar Year

International Polar Year

In what may turn out to be the biggest international scientific project to date, an army of thousands of scientists will spend the next two years studying the Arctic and Antarctic as part of the International Polar Year, which officially begins this week. Organizers of the project say as many as 50,000 researchers from 63 countries will take part in the program, which seeks to focus both scientific and public attention on Earth’s polar regions.

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The ‘biggest international scientific project’ with “50,000 researchers from 63 countries”? One would think this would be BIG news. I only stumbled across it in my surfings. Shouldn’t this be headlining the front page of some noteworthy (tongue-in-cheek) newspaper, or something??!

PS I dare you to find this article in a newspaper and then, I might reconsider my sarcastic judgement 🙂

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