Time sure flies

Oh how time flies! The summer is almost gone and SO much has happened. I’ll have to backdate my posts: our trip to Nelson; our birthday wedding; Aaron and Otto’s union. Just not enough time in the days, especially with a full-time job and yoga on the side.

I am the first to admit, it was truly the summer to top all summers. I have enough spectacular love-filled memories to carry me through to my next life, to be sure 🙂

It’s really difficult, at times, to feel in tune and at peace with life when it seems that time is flying by so quick, that opportunities might have been missed. Especially when it comes to summer in Canada (for me anyway); cloning of oneself would be an advantage during this time :). Personally I wish that the warmest season of the year could be everyday. I’m not the ‘winter baby’ that slaDE~ is. My body rebels at the first inklings of a long-standing bone-chilling cold snap that sometimes accompanies the ending of the dog days associated with my favourite season (especially here in ALberta; it feels as if we skip Fall and directly leap into Winter! And Autumn was always my favourite season).

But I must admit, we made the most of this years summer, from the moment that the clocks turned back an hour earlier until now. My body is finally start to relax after the chaos that resembled the past 4 months. It was tremendously thrilling and so much fun, I must confess.

For me, there are no ‘would have, could have, should haves’. Experience has shown me (through many tears and feelings of loss) that there is no changing the past as I so lovingly or not so lovingly have navigated through it.

The key to fitting everything in (as Bruno suggests ) is in the planning. “Making decisions and following through on them. It’s true of everything that is important in our life that we have to decide where we want to go and when and how.”

I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.
– Donald Trump

Chris, a friend of Bruno, asks these 2 quesions of himself, every breathing and living day:

1. What am I doing, that I shouldn’t be doing, but am?
2. What am I not doing, that I should be doing, but am not?

It's about timeI actually tried asking myself these 2 questions this morning. And with great honesty and a solemn deep breath, I sighed and went to yoga with my beloved husband and returned to my computer and my cherished blog; I’ve truly missed writing, capturing the glorious memories of summer and sharing each living moment with my ardent fans. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, I forgot to revel in the moment and take the time to sit down to write.

Next time that I question whether I have the energy to write or go to yoga class, I’ll ask myself these questions and hopefully stay true to my sometimes neglected passions, getting back on track, focussing on the present moment rather than on the past or future (or my weary body).

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  1. my Lovely friend, it’s so nice to see a post! I’ve missed reading your blog, even though I just saw you a couple of weeks ago! It seems like forever already! I miss and love you both!

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