The Twilight Wernig Zone

Welcome to the Wernig zone. Once you enter, you’ll never want to leave. This earth isn’t real, all this is a mirage. Or so it seemed.
We were invited to join Nate, his wife Amy, their daughter Zan, Dayna and a gathering of other friends for a pasta dinner unsurpassed in its deliciousness. Nate LOVES to cook, and skilled he has. Mad chef skillz. We rode our with Brandi and Lee, thinking that the 75 minute commute was better shared, especially when coming and going together from the same residence. We brought along our wash kit, just in case we had the chance to grab a quick shower before returning home. When we left, the dz was sultry warm with sunshine abundant. And, when it was time to return with Brandi and Lee, we opted to stay overnight, catching a ride with Nate to the dropzone in the morning. Comfy warm and inviting defined their beautiful home. Laughter consistently bounced off the walls. Nate’s high energy and Zan’s excited peals of laughter made our stay unbelievably inviting. When the morning arrived, we were savouring the freedom of no boundaries or pressing tasks. Nate decided to take the day off and we played inside as the temperatures outside rapidly dropped.
As so was our week. With each passing day, we decided to stay yet another. Intense cooking sessions made for a delightful feast each and every evening. 4 days and 4 nights of relaxation, shopping extravaganzas at the HEB plus, excellent ‘lasagna’ conversations, beard dyeing, twirling, dancing, napping, marathon computer / writing / blogging, meeting Aidan (Nate’s son), mad acrobatics with slaDE and Zan plus movie sessions plus wicked late night meals, which made for a reluctant departure from the Wernig household.  The fact that temperatures dipped down well-below freezing (raining at times but profusely always cold) each and every night made for an easy decision to stay ‘just one more night’.

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