Skydiving memories

Interesting how years can pass since seeing an old friend, and when meeting up by chance, it seems as if time has stood still somewhat.

I had this experience today. I ran in to an old time skydiving friend from my packing days at Lake Wales. We’re going back 15 years +. We’ve had no contact since then, be it via email or facebook or life in general. But one look at Jeff Dudley upon glancing at his face, I knew instantly who he was and the connection we once had (I was a packer dating an amazing man and Jeff was the drop zone airplane fueler / handyman / load organizer dating a sweet girlfriend of mine, back in the day of carefree and frivolous fun). It was if time had stood still and a flood of flashback memories tickled my brain, and I was transported back in time to a period of so much happiness and adventure. If I remember correctly, Jeff was the one who had indoctrinated me in to the Muff Brothers skydiving club, member #1245.

Jeff himself hadn’t changed a bit. And reliving memories of a time when life was dramatically different (yet strikingly similar) is fun and fulfilling for me, seeing how far I have come. Times like these have me feeling blessed for what I have, for the good dear friends I have made and kept over the years, whilst appreciating my life and husband even more. A walk down memory lane is awesome, especially when it brings kindred spirits together after such a long time. A lifetime away really.

BTW: What is a Muff Brother, you may ask? The initiated skydiver:

Must dock on a dive which includes at least one “Muff Brother” while wearing a pair of muffs.
As a “Muff Brother”, you are entitled to “MUFF DIVE”, cut in on beer lines, and are required to out skydive everyone else on the load.
The card one receives is good for ONE FUNNEL.

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