The treasures of Monterey Bay

Fisherman's WharfSea horsesThere’s nothing like exploring that semblance of a long lost home base that has held such a vivid space in my dreams. Monterey Bay an the surrounding area will always be one of my favourite places on earth … and to return here in exploration with my husband (slaDE~ has never visited the dreamy aquarium!) is especially a treat. The weather was outstanding and literally breathtaking. The sun hovered behind wispy clouds of fog which ebbed and flowed like the tide against the coastal edge, peeking through seductively only to fully reveal itself once the temperatures had risen. Our friend Pete somehow managed to magically provide a complimentary pass to the Aquarium … we’re so blessed by his gracious traveler’s altruism.

Playful Otters, lumbering stunning Jellyfish, the wavering Kelp Garden, the open excited feedings, miniature Seahorses, waddling penguins, mammoth Tuna fish … some of the best exhibits here at the Bay’s conservatory and research institute.

Nettle Jellyfish

The Kelp Garden

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