Acro Yoga in the City

After our amazing spa experience in Calistoga yesterday, we ended up staying in the high hills of Berkley with our new friends Caran and Mark (Caran was in our ‘Heart to Hand’ workshop this past weekend), and their humongous 4 dogs.

Crossing the Golden Gate
The Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset

Caran & Mark's cool 3D metal art
Cool 3D metal art
Apart from me forgetting my laptop at the spa (HOW does one do that??!), we had a spectacular evening enjoying a gourmet meal followed by the opening of Canada’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Although I might be a tad biased, these were by far the best opening ceremonies that I have ever witnessed! Especially proud to be a Canadian at this moment in time. Amazing how these Games can bring together the world in harmonious sporting spirit.

Because of my forgetfulness (in the haze of yesterday’s bliss I forgot to be mindful of our stuff!), slaDE~ and I had to return to Calistoga to pick up the laptop which I had left behind in the Ladies locker. Arghhhhhh …. sorry honey. I really messed up. Luckily I have a fairly patient and forgiving husband! On the positive side, we managed to get one more dip in the Indian Springs mineral pool (geyser fed = hot tub warm). Oh how I loved bobbing and floating without a care with 3 noodles meticulously placed for optimum mindless suspension. 🙂

Alas, we had a deadline to make … we were signed up for a Valentine’s acro yoga workshop with Tyler Blank and Ashley Apple. It was really spectacular to experience the beauty of yoga inversions like we teach through the eyes of another instructor. And Ashley’s raw chocolate was fabulous. What a yummy Valentine’s experience! Oh how I love San Francisco. The city and it’s vast opportunities for adventurous and spiritual exploration will be sadly missed.

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