Fluid Musical Movement

Life on the farm, is filled with so many acoustic joys . The sound of silence. The morning song of birds at our windows. The musical expression of a Canadian flag, wildly beating a random rhythm against the flag pole, with the wind whistling in sweet percussion. The cadence of my footsteps as I walk through the countryside, oblivious to anything other than nature’s call (and approaching traffic, for my own longevity). The fluid silent motion of 5 Ladies dancing the Tai Chi flow at the local Library. The boring sounds of an auger digging deep holes into the earth, ready for the placement of fence posts. The whisper of a horse’s breath as he slowly sidles up to me, longing for attention or at least a quiet nuzzle. The vibrational cacophony of hammers pummelling tin, fitting a weather vane in place.

Blessed am I to experience life through all of my senses. I can’t imagine a life without breathing in and tasting the sound of visual fluid musical movement. And I am so grateful for all that I am entrusted with. Breathtaking gratitude. A blessing indeed.

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