Northern Cali goodbyes

Anjal and Lucy
Anjalique and Lucy

slaDE~, Uncle Pete and sKY::
slaDE~, Uncle Pete and sKY::
Sometimes goodbyes can be so challenging …. and leaving Northern California, for me, has always been like leaving a part of my heart behind. This moment in time appears to be no different as I spend the day silently preparing for the crux of my being to be divided once again. The saying of ‘Leaving one’s heart in San Francisco’ is no joke! I can relate ….

But not only is it the culture, nature’s environment, the planetary consciousness and spirituality that draws me like a lover to the west coast, it’s the friends who have emblazoned themselves like a tattoo on my being. And for this, I am forever grateful.

Aptos Pier
Seacliff Beach Pier

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