The messy situations of life

Bleating newbornsThe day was gorgeous and the skies were crisp, clear and a robin’s egg blue in colour. Such a nice change from the rampant rain here lately. The morning was spent playing with the newborn goats and helping to clean up the muddy mess within Kara’s house. You see, they have 3 dogs and 2 cats, with total access to the house and office on their own demand. With the abundant rain comes the vast potential for messy paw and human prints EVERYWHERE. The little darlings ….. I totally have had to relinquish my need for clean. And it’s been actually quite freeing! I still have laundry to do however :). Determined to make the most of our internet connection here in Cibolo, I wanted to upload my blog entries and photos from the past week. And for 6 hours straight, I struggled and fussed over iPhoto, attempting to upload my many photographs into Facebook. No joy and only frustration. Something wrong with the system, and I didn’t know when to let go and move on to something else. Good thing I love my MAC computer!!

Life can get messy at times. It’s quite a feat to know when to clean ones hands and walk away, or stay around and sop up the dirty bits (in for the long haul) knowing that it’ll all return to the natural order of mess with the flick of a paw. Life’s challenges … listen, love and grow. Oh how I love this journey!

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