Rainy days, movie nights

IMG_2257The downpour continues, and with it, whistling gusting strong winds rocking our Airstream back and forth. Kinda scary considering that our trailer weighs around 10,000 pounds!  With the choice of either puddle jumping or internet surfing, I chose the latter and spent a productive morning and afternoon doing what I love most: internet research and being a surf bunny. Of course, we found time to watch a movie (one I had gifted slaDE~ 3 years ago and never had found the time or motivation to watch before). A documentary of the life of RV Full-timers. Enjoyable, especially as the lifestyle which we once dreamed of is currently our reality! I felt it time that I did some home-country cooking, one that didn’t involve a stick or two of butter, as the Latimer’s lovingly tend to add to their tasty but decadent food-fare. It was to be a innovative concoction: tomato, chickpea and leak spinach soup made up in the Vita-Mix. Of course, never one to follow a recipe or duplicate a creation, I marvelled at the tastiness of this original proaction. RD cooked a lovely meal of fried and grilled Walleye fish. But no sooner were we ready to sit down to a fine meal when I decided to recall to Kara the bleating sounds of a baby goat that I had heard outside earlier. Following her intuition, Kara and slaDE hastened outside to the goat pens, searching for any new birthing activity, and there they discovered Mama Barbie goat in intense labour, already having birthed a glistening newborn. Sadly, the second baby goat had died during childbirth but the third bleating baby boy survived his right of passage. It was fascinating to witness the birth and death process. Quite touching to see Barbie trying to resurrect the dead baby, ignoring her first little live wonder (which happened to be shivering, nestled in muddy and bloody towels amidst the soppy ground beneath it). 25 minutes later, another sibling was born, transformed from a purple sack of fur and blood to a bleating cuddly creature with giant eyes and wobbly legs. Quite a miserable rainy cold night to be born, but glorious in that 2 out of the 3 babies had survived the elements. I didn’t have my camera on me and I was hesitant to leave the sanctuary of the tin shack which housed us from the wind and rain, surrounded by a mess pool of mud and manure. I however will not soon forget the visual wonders of my first goat births and death. The synergy and natural order of things was a sight and event to behold.  Afterwards we watched a few fun movies ‘What Happens in Vegas‘ and ‘Step Brothers‘. Quite the opposite of the drama we had with the life and death of the goats.

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