Broken stuff

Broken fridge

Oh crap! Our fridge door in our beautiful Airstream trailer just came unhinged, quite literally. How does one react when things don’t go quite as planned or expected? Do you become unhinged and broken? Or do you just breath deeply, hope for the best and give it what you’ve got to fix it in the ways that you know how? Or do you seek the help of others when you just aren’t quite sure on what or how to tackle the task?

I have a tendency to ask for help first with many things, but when it comes to the geeky side of me, I’ll stick my nose in to whatever I can find and dig deep to find the answers.

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  1. I start looking for a teenager, cuz they broke it! Then I begin with the allowance docking, and the extra chore assignments, unless I broke it then, I quickly throw it in the trash and say NOTHING!!! But I am such a hypocrite hahahah

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