Mini-Golf with Friends

mini-golfIt’s interesting to see how different people interact when placed in a competitive sport of sorts. When I was a kid, I never really had great skill in the athletics department, so when I excelled at skydiving and yoga in my later years, I literally felt my spirit soar. As a teenager, I dabbled in such sports as badminton, track and field, competed in and eventually coached gymnastics, but I was clumsy, self-conscious and awkwardly trying to fit in.

Lovely familyToday, my bestest girlfriend and two sets of twins joined their Aunt Joan and uS in a playful round of mini-golf. As soon as we started, I could see the competitive edge to the boys. But after some discussion, our team agreed that the scoring didn’t matter and instead decided to just fun and enjoy the glorious warm summe’s day.

I’m still as clumsy as ever, not very lithe, nor succinct in my shots, but boy, did I ever have a blast! When it comes right down to it, it’s the quality of time spent together with my dear friends and family. Life is so inherently short, why not enjoy it with each and every breath and putt putt?

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