Catching uP

Red LobsterWhat a fabulous weekend!

Catching up with girlfriends and friends of old, settling a hockey wager victory (go Team Canada, gO!) at Red Lobster with fast-fingered Lisa (crab cracker extraordinaire), and returning to Canada with no muss or fuss, bellies and hearts full, made for the ultimate culmination of a two week US journey where dreams were fortified and strengthened. We are so blessed with the life that we lead, travelling the world on a whim and a prayer, navigating through the pages of a book not yet written, building a future constantly evolving and shifting. It’s spectacular to witness the story unfold, sailing the path of a road never travelled, praying that the life lessons we learn along the way help to build us up as both individuals and as partners open to sharing our gifts, joys, love and laughter with those around uS. So far the journey has been pretty cool, and with each new friend and relationship built along the way, we are growing and expanding in ways that I could never have imagined. It’s a pretty cool calling, this yogic skydiving lifestyle. Fortunate indeed we are.

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  1. Thanks sKY:: We had so much fun settling that bet!! SOOOOO glad you shared our weekend with us!!
    Love, Lisa

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