The David Suzuki Nature Challenge

You can actually sign up at David Suzuki’s website for the Nature Challenge (and it’s easy as typing in your email address). But even if you decide not to go the digital route to receiving his newsletter (an e-newsletter full of tips and suggestions for making sustainable choices), you too can make a difference.

Each day you invent the future with the choices you make about food, transportation, and energy use. By joining the Nature Challenge, you’ll be protecting the environment and our quality of life for future generations.

Our choices at all levels make a difference to nature. Let’s choose wisely.

We’ve researched the 10 most effective ways to help conserve nature and improve our quality of life. Here’s how you can make positive changes:

1. Reduce home energy by 10%

2. Eat meat-free meals once a week

3. Buy a fuel efficient, low-polluting car

4. Choose an energy efficient home and appliances

5. Stop using pesticides

6. Walk, bike or take transit to regular destinations

7. Prepare your meals with locally produced food

8. Choose a home close to regular destinations

9. Support alternatives to the car

10. Get involved, stay informed

action now!

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