today I ….

– took an Advanced training course in Frontpage with CTC TrainCanada (paid through work) and found myself disappointed with the instruction, but especially discontent with the WYSIWYG editor itself
– discovered Facebook (and reacquainted myself with some old friends and relatives)
– had a fulfilling yoga practice with a marvelous steam session to follow
– realized that I am now classified as one of the ‘bendy’ ones
– almost peed myself laughing when slaDE realized that Durian fruit really DOES smell (and taste?) like vomit
– came to an understanding that luscious Jackfruit does not equal Durian fruit, although they are both tropical and look almost exactly alike (i.e. gigantic and spiky)
– spent WAY too much time in front of a computer … whaT’s new?! LOL
Googly eyes

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