What a joy it was to sleep in this morning. The temperatures of the past week had waned, and a cool morning breeze filled the room and warmed my soul. I couldn’t help but wake with a smile, thinking of the past month here in Montreal. So many amazing and diverse memories, all involving flight and wonderful connections. The joy in life really seems to be all about connecting. Without that strand of humanity to link one experience with another, life would feel incredibly empty. Here’s a similar analogy that resonated huge with me this week. Kate “B-girl Lynx” Alsterlun extended this analogy as learned from Eugene Poku: In yoga, the breath is like the string of a pearl necklace. The pearls are the asanas and the breath brings the asanas full circle and keeps the practice together, continuous and circular.

The morning was spent with Paul teaching us some tricks to strength in Chaturanga, Downward Dog and jump forwards, linking the Sun Salutation together as a fluid strong movement. I felt very blessed to witness his teaching style and to learn some pointers for my own practice and teaching. Before we knew it, we were on our way back to Verona for a visit with slaDE~s Mom. It would be so good to arrive back at our Airstream, to sleep succulently sound in our own bed.

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