Cirque du Soleil

Having the day free to do our weekly shopping trip and perhaps attend a yoga class before the afternoon Cirque du Soleil show, we enjoyed our morning visit with Rhonda before jetting to a spontaneous class at Cherryblossom Yoga studio. There we met the vivacious owner and yogini Sara. So happy that we made the effort to check out her studio. It was glorious to be a part of a new instructor’s first class at this studio … Maxwell did such a tremendous job!

With lightness in our hearts, we were completely stoked to attend a circus Grand Chapiteau experience, found in the performance of ‘OvO’ by Cirque de Soleil. slaDE and I have been to two other Cirque du Soleil shows: ‘Varekai’ in Toronto (with a backstage tour by my friend and show percussionist Paul Bannerman) and ‘Allegria’ in Calgary.

When we arrived, we made our way to the box office to purchase tickets for the show … we had planned to buy in advance, but the $19 service fee per person kind of swayed us to just show up, paying for whatever tickets were available. For whatever reason, I quickly headed back to the truck, leaving slaDE in line, and when I returned, slaDE had this huge cheshire cat grin on his face. I waited patently to see what was up … and as soon as we were seated, he told me that a Lady had approached him whilst in line and offered him free passes to the show (the seats itself were worth about $90 each). WOW! For whatever reason, good fortune was rewarding us in grandiose splendour! I know slaDE would have gifted her with yogaFLIGHT right there on the spot if he could have :), but a hug and a big thank you had to make do however.

The 3 hour show was an incredible feast for the eyes and senses. As in all of their other productions, the performers thrilled and entertained us with feats of physical endurance, stamina, flexibility, enhanced by shocking visuals of gymnastic colour, grandeur and flight. It was awe-inspiring to see such prolific and presses skill. Enough to get the heart racing and soaring. The vibrant music embraced the performance with a reverberating hug, seamlessly weaving a magical experience defined by the theme of life in the insect world: ‘OvO’, a must see!

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