Carlisle Tire Warranty

Today has been spent dealing with Carlisle Tire regarding our tire warranty. Turns out, we were unjustifiably charged for our new tires when it should have been a straight warranty exchange. Yvonne in the warranty department was truly accommodating, friendly and outstanding in her job. She gave us full warranty on the defective 1.5 year old tires that were on our trailer, which in effectively reimbursed us fully for the 6 replacement tires (Carlisle D-load 225 width). We are lucky in that the new radial tires happened to be far superior to the bias ply tires we had. The mistake lay with the Manager who dealt with North Gateway Tire in Ohio, 2 weeks ago. She offered us – via North Gateway Tire – a pro-rated discount rather than the full replacement fair market value that should have been offered. So, to make a long story short, it paid for us to follow up on our warranty when we questioned its validity when having to pay for the new radial tires. Gotta love a full refund on what was a $400+ out of pocket expense!

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