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I read a really interesting book lately called “Miracle cures : dramatic new scientific discoveries revealing the healing powers of herbs, vitamins” by Jean Carper.

For my own health, I felt that it was important to write down the natural healing benefits of those listed herbs & vitamins.
Having done the legwork, I thought that I would pass on this really interesting and useful info to you!
Please note, however, that this data is taken directly from the book. It is not intended as medical advice and offers no warranties.
In other words, I am not responsible for any actions you may take in association with this information.

Enough said … Below is a listing of the vitamin / herb’s name plus the associated benefits it is thought to be good for as well as a recommended daily dosage.

CoQ-10 (Heart Energizer):
thought to be good for / as => a heart energizer; slowing down Parkinson’s, Huntingtons, MS; breast cancer
recommended dosage –> 90 to 390 mg / daily

Ginkgo (Memory Pill):
thought to be good for / as => an aid to prevent memory decline, Alzheimer’s; possibly Tinnitus, head trauma
recommended dosage –> 240 mg / daily

Feverfew (Nature’s Mighty Aspirin):
thought to be good for => migraines, anti-inflammatory
recommended dosage –> 300 mg / daily (often 100 mg is enough)

Glucosamine (Wonder Drug for Osteoarthritis):
thought to be good for => helping to regenerate cartilage (as does Chondroitin, which draws fluid into cartilage and thus attracts nutrients), relieves pain, swelling and tenderness by rebuilding stiff joint tissue
recommended dosage –> glucosamine sulfate with chondroitins (including Cosamin) may all work with 1500 mg of glucosamine and 1200 mg of chondroitin

Echinacea (unique infection fighter):
thought to be good for => fighting an infection
recommended dosage –> 900 mg a day (3 x 300 mg powder doses) for 10-14 days without interuption {EchinaGuard by Nature’s Way is the best}

Valerian (God’s Valium):
thought to be good as a => splendid sleeping pill
recommended dosage –> 300 – 500 mg, 1 hr before bedtime (1/2 to 1 tsp as fluid)

Milk Thistle (Nature’s way of curing Liver Damage):
recommended dosage –> 280 mgs a day as maintenance

Bee Pollen (Hay Fever medicine):
thought to be good for => relief of allergies
recommended dosage –> Start taking it in little amounts to see if you have an allergic reaction; if not increase dosage

Ginger (Nature’s AntiNausea Drug):
recommended dosage –> 2 500 mg tablets b4 boarding vehicle to ward off nausea for 4 hrs

Kava (Exotic New Tranquilizer):
thought to be good for => helping to deal with stress and anxiety
recommended dosage –> 180 mg a day (or 60 mg 3 x per day). 120 – 180 mg for helping to sleep 1 hr prior {a squirt b4 bedtime }

Fish Oil / Omega 3s (The Universal Miracle Cure):
thought to be good for => joint problems, arthritis, colitus, IBS, high blood triglycerides, foul mood, attention deficit (ADHD)
recommended dosage –> 300 – 600 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per day {store in fridge}
— cut down on omega-6 to stop interference of beneficial qualities

Saw Palmetto (Prostate Remedy of Choice):
thought to be good for => helping to avoid the risk of impotence or incontinence associated with surgery
recommended dosage –> 320 mg per day, once or divided twice

Celery and Cherry Extracts (Gout medicines):
recommended dosage –> 15 – 25 cherries per day; 4 tablets of celery seed per day

Licorice (Chronic Fatigue fighter):
recommended dosage –> perhaps 5 mg per day

Grape Seed OPC and Pycnogenol (strengthens blood vessels and fights varicose veins):
thought to be good for => helping with allergies; diffusing high blood pressure; as an antioxidant, brain medicine
recommended dosage –> 150-300 mg daily to treat illness, 50 – 100 mg to maintain good vascular health

Peppermint oil (The Great Undiscovered Pain Medicine):
=> instead of taking an aspirin or tylenol, why not use a pleasant herb that can get rid of tension headaches?
recommended dosage –> apply on forehead and/or on the neck as well; apply with fingers or q-tip, no massage needed

Vitamin C & E (Marvelous Heart Drugs):
thought to be good for => blocked arteries, cholesterol
recommended dosage –> vitamin C 500 – 1000 mg daily and Vitamin E 400 – 800 IU daily

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