Stress a go-go

I am so grateful for this week to be over. Although there were moments of great happiness and playful discovery, the week was overshadowed by the stress of uncertainty, for me, anyway (poor Jean and slaDE~). The landlords at Opal Property Group were being obnoxious and obstinate about Jean trying to sublet / assign her apartment to us for the next 6 months, or so.

Before coming out here, we had provided 3 excellent house-sitting references that we had hoped would quell the management’s doubts. However, it seemed to fuel their pig-headedness. And as I don’t deal very well with stress of this matter (so I’ve discovered), I’ve been wound up and tight in both my body and spirit.

Nothing really has been resolved by today’s end, but at least I look forward to a weekend filled with several relaxing massages to guide me into a better frame of mind.

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