Whistling all the way to the Bank

Not sure if I mentioned that last week I went for a marathon job interview. The job-hunting process was beautifully easy in that I was referred to this job by my current boss. What a lovely lady … she felt that my skills were so extraordinary that she was happy to look for other work within the Calgary Health Region. they seem to be in need of competent and efficient staff, or so I’m told. How lucky!

Well the interview was unlike any that I had ever endured before (not that I’ve had many, but a 1.5 hr grilling session was quite exhausting). My interviewers were lovely ladies within the Oral and Mental Health Departments of CRHA … and the pay level is about the same as what I’m making as a temp currently. The big draw for me, however, is the insanely short walk to work … a mere 7 minutes, meaning that I could go home on my lunch hour and have an equally brisk and short walk to the gym. How wonderful! The possibility of no more trudging my way through the downtown core-filled pollution roads, where traffic is as thick as a fly on a manure mound (the smells are equally disgusting — you’re speaking to a farm girl who is in the know here!), is exciting …

So the offer is on the table and I’m pretty certain that I will accept the job position offered to me. Who knows how long we’ll be here in Calgary now … one day at a time. Meanwhile, save, save, saving those pennies.

Did I also mention that this Saturday I am starting another job? Part-time with the local Community Natural Health Food store as a Bulk Clerk. I’ll be standing all day on my shift and I’m not certain how that will go over, body wise. I’ll give the job a shot for a few shifts to see how it goes, but it may be just as worthwhile to look for contract web work (although the community aspect won’t be the same) on my Saturdays. At least that way I can work in my pajamas! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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