Babies, babies, babies!

Lisa and Mike, 2 days before little M3 was born!

One of my dearest girlfriends had her first baby today! After 3 painful days of back labour (Ouch! What a trooper Lisa for hanging in as long as you did!), gorgeous little Michael Maly the 3rd (lovingly dubbed M3 by his little cousin Joe) was born at 6:28 pm, weighing 8 lbs. 9 oz. and measuring 21 inches long.

The first ever photo of little Michael Maly

You can check out his precious blog at:

I’m ecstatically happy for both Lisa and Mike, as little Michael is not only their first child but he also shares the birthday of his grandmother today and his two little cousins (kinda sorta). Lisa’s two sister’s Vicky and Tracy were both beautifully pregnant at the same time and shared the pains of labour on the same day. Vicky’s little girl Sydney and Tracy’s little boy AJ were born on the 15th, only one day apart. What a fascinating amazing coincidence!!

I feel similarly blessed with Lisa in that we share the same birthday on August 22. She however is much younger than I and a far nobler Leo / Virgo than I ever could be. She’s my Angel friend and I love her dearly; Lisa drove to the hospital with me and slaDE~ (me of course in the ambulance with her following patiently in hot pursuit) when I dislocated my shoulder the day before our birthday last year and then cared for me / us in the aftermath. We were supposed to go to Darien Lake Six Flags in celebration of our birthdays but I kinda scuppered those plans with my shoulder popping out and all! Jumping stupidly in high gusty winds, badddddddd.

Lisa, he is so so beautiful. I love him already! I see he takes after his gorgeous Mom ….

Beautiful Lisa and Michael Maly III

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