Verona, within a historic region of Eastern Ontario, has a population of about 1,800. It lies at the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, where the friendly mix of farmland, rocky-shored lakes, and mixed woodland make it the ideal place to visit with our Airstream. It kind of feels like cottage country, and with Verona being so small, the lovely mix of wildlife, vast expanses of nature, clean fresh air and peacefulness has me feeling right at home in the country. And when it comes right down to it, I’m a country girl at heart.

Agnes and Wally have a lovely older home with a big backyard, large lovely trees, a lake just a stones throw away and a humorous gaggle of Chipmunks that squabble for food amongst each other. I can say that I’ve never hand-fed or petted a little Chipmunk. They’re really quite sweet!

Typical of many small towns and cities, a Farmer’s Market was in full swing early Saturday morning. I really love to support local farmers, especially when they opt for environmentally friendly practises in their food production. It’s interesting to find myself so instantly at home in this small community. I can walk everywhere quite easily. Parking our Airstream on the front lawn was not an issue either (which in larger communities, this can pose a problem). Seems that as long as I have Wifi, space to stretch, breath and move, and readily available healthy eating options, I am happy to settle down wherever we may wander. Life is good!

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