Olympic Hockey

#1 Hockey Fan: Canada GOLD!Hockey Hall of FameToday was all about the hockey. The skies were blue and freshly cleaned after a tremendous deluge of rain last night. A perfect day to go skydiving. But our priorities were in order and the Men’s Olympic Hockey Game between Canada and the USA was the only matter of importance on our agenda today.  Who would have ever thought that I could get so excited by a game on TV? I love watching hockey in person, but otherwise, I get bored rather quickly. Certainly not today with this historic Olympic standoff. I was glued to my seat cushion for the entire three periods and full-on in the sudden death overtime. The first two periods, where Canada had a marginal lead over the US Team gave us a false sense of security. In the 3rd period, in the final 24 seconds, a goal was tendered and brought the Teams into a tie. Uh oh … sudden death overtime it would be!

Oh what excitement! I’ve never seen my hubby so enthused and animated about a hockey game before, and he truly loves this Canadian sport with a passion (it helps that he plays the game quite well also). In the final showdown between Canada and the USA, our breath was held bated, on the edge of our seats as the puck swirled and tossed between teams, scampering for that elusive goal. And it came! Sidney Crosby thrashed the winning goal past U.S. goalie Ryan Miller 7:40 into overtime. Hallelujah almighty! USA Hockey SilverCanada found Olympic redemption and reiterated to the world that hockey indeed in Canada’s sport. Our national honour preserved, millions of Canadians breathed a sigh of relief after a game which left many on the edge of their seats, uncertain as to where the outcome may sway. Long live Canadian hockey! 🙂

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