Wedded Bliss

I love long weekend weddings especially when it involves good friends who happen to be skydiving playfellows! Brian and Carissa Bell had an incredibly beautiful day with the impending bad weather holding off until after the ceremony (how blessed was that??!). The wedding itself was beautiful and memorable. The bride was shining in her happiness, almost to the point of levitation. 🙂 Carissa’s dress was heavenly perfection (omg, the train was to die for). Both the bride’s Father and Mother were wonderfully emotional. Their first daughter (who happens to be a twin) married to a fellow skydiving beloved family friend. They couldn’t ask for a better union, truly! In the end, it was so lovely to see many of our dear skydiving friends all under one roof. A wonderful way to ring in a long labour day weekend.

One of my favourite parts of this afternoon’s wedding was the wedding cake from Muscoreil’s in Tonawanda. A DIVINE raspberry swirl concoction with white chocolate almond frosting that left me salivating for more. I rarely eat beyond a few forkfuls of a wedding cake, usually sharing my slice with my accommodating husband. Not this time! Decadence sublime. I was in sugar heaven!

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