Priorities or a Peacock Parade?

PeacockA gorgeous day outside … the wind is silent apart from the Airstream awning’s billowing sporadic song. I sit here on our comfy plush couch, watching my beloved nap, witnessing a lonely Twin Otter and Cessna sunbathing in the quiet sunStream. Not even a whisper of life exists on this lakeside beautiful drop zone, as witnessed from the panoramic view of our trailer, or so it seems. We’re tucked away quietly, secluded yet available for those who come to seek and be entertained with yogaFLIGHT.

Today is the dream most skydiver’s delight in … blue skies, succulent temperatures, a shining twin turbine with a backup plan, just in case. So where are they? It’s Friday and no one is here to play? A few dropped in for a quick adrenaline fix this morning, with slaDE securing another two jumps of experience under his growing belt of tandem worldliness, but the afternoon brings peace in our corner of the universe. I’ve yet to make the leap from the Cessna here at Burnaby. Other tasks at hand have priority over my whimsical freefall rustlings. But soon, soon, I shall gift lift to my wings. Until then, I wait patiently, fervently daydreaming, and breathing gratitude for the glorious weather upon us.

Come out, come out, wherever you are. Skydivers dream of days like this! Come dance and fly whilst Mother Nature basks in her beauty, like a Peacock parading its feathers for all to see!

I’m certain the weekend will bring out the skyjumpers in droves. Just surprised by the idle quiet of a gorgeous Friday afternoon.

Afternote: The Cessna 182 just fired up … seems the jumpers have come out to jump after all!

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