Tears of Sadness

At 2:20pm today, my dear friends at Frontier Skydivers were in a horrific plane crash carrying a total of 6 people. On takeoff, at 300 feet (end of the runway, surrounded by tall trees), the door on the Cessna 185 popped open and a skydiver onboard lunged to close it. Unfortunately, the plane was uncontrollable with the sudden change in the plane’s CG (centre of gravity), and an inevitable stall occurred, sending it crashing into the trees. Not much can be done at 300 feet, although the pilot in command performed a miracle in bleeding off as much excess speed as possible, bringing the plane in as best as he could.

I can’t imagine what a horrific feeling that would be, knowing that they were about to crash land from that altitude into obstacles as looming as the forest below them. 5 skydivers were released that very night from the hospital. Toma sadly is still in a coma. Prayers for them all. Kudos to both: Mike Maly, the medic hero who maintained control of the accident scene (he was also in the plane crash, suffering from a dramatic facial laceration), and to the pilot Paul, who performed a miracle on this day.

The above video can be found at: http://www.wivb.com/dpp/news/niagara/Skydiver-tells-harrowing-survival-tale

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