Behind again :(

So so busy …. and truly behind on my blogging. This has been an incredible whirlwind of a journey thus far in trying to get our Airstream ready to head south. All this plus making the time to visit with friends and family keeps me challenged in trying to fit everything in. And my writing is suffering :(.

Could it be that we really left Calgary a month today? Feels more like a year! This past weekend, we were divinely blessed to spend Halloween with my dearest two girlfriends and their families, in upstate New York. Trick or treating with children is kind of like re-experiencing Disneyworld with children in tow. Fabulous and light-hearted, and oh so much fun. Time with my girlfriends is oh so precious, and this weekend fit the bill perfectly. We then made a detour through Toronto on our way home, spending more quality time with good friends, eating succulent meals along the way (‘The Friendly Thai‘ rocks!). Our time is completely full and blessed. So thankful for all those that bring so much love and happiness along our journey. The Airstream awaits patiently as we ready her for her maiden voyage into the unknown. Thank you to all that are so supportive of us in this amazing journey of a dream fulfilled.

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