Moving Day

Moving day, again. It’s been an amazing week in Sarasota with our friends. But as the hours tick by, it’s time to make headway towards Texas. The draw of big ways, a wedding and Belize is beckoning us with a persistent whisper. I’m personally hypnotized by the gorgeous weather factor of Florida, but as consistent with the rest of the country, winter clothes need to be unfurled from the closet, and tucked at the ready. Sigh, at least we had a piece of Florida heaven whilst we were here.

Freshly squeezed organic orange / tangelo / mandarin juice helped to stoke the Florida fires, and without further ado, we were off, with many hugs, a promise of a return (someday) and a burgeoning storm to the northwest of us. And WOW, did the tempest hit, with a vengeance! Pelting rain enveloped our Airstream bubble, to the extent that 10 feet in front of us was a blurry haze (could have been I wasn’t wearing my glasses, but you get the idea). It felt like we were advancing through a torrential cleansing truck wash, but this, at 60 miles per hour! Seemingly unscathed (apart from jittery nerves hat lulled me in to a deep oblivious sleep), we stopped for the night just outside of Tallahassee. And then I walked in to the bedroom. Eeeek, a flood! Well, rather I should say, a leak. Through the rear improvised bedroom vent closure, water had made its way through some crevice, dumping the deluge on to our once dry bed cover. Sigh, more water repairs. But at least we have new Fantastic Fans ready to be installed when we return home. Lesson, you can never caulk to much! Makes me a tad bit nervous on our Fall caulking attempts which seemingly had been waterproof!

Like passing RVs in the night, we were gifted with a surprise text from our Canadian friend’s Melody and Erez, who happened to be only a few miles away. Within 30 minutes, a reunion between skydiving friends led to an evening of entertainment and big belly laughs, with little crawling Riley grinning up a storm and humungus Bender brightening our visit. Wonderful to feel the smallness of this planet, which at times seem beyond big, diverse, and at times lonely and without familiar faces.

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