A Duality of Sorts

I find myself holding back in my writing, in part by my desire to fill this blog with beautiful photos and whimsical articles of education and delight. Yet my inability to provide is slogging me down. And I find myself 2 months behind in my writing. What happened?  I was doing so well in keeping things up-to-date, tidy and flamboyant! I truly enjoy my photography and the beautiful art form that evolves in to an entirely different art form and perspective. But with this beauty comes a sense of dedication that at times leaves me feeling like I’m drowning in the backlog I create with my inability to play catchup daily. And once I get behind, it’s like a slow death with each passing day. I’m not certain to what standards I am feeling obligated? Because in its truest sense, this blog is for me. An intensely personal chronicle of my journey and our trek through the alleyways and eccentricities of our daily lives. But misdirected attention (sometimes labelled laziness in my mind) and obligation stand behind two different doors, and I find myself sporadically caught between the source of my creativity and lack of direction and guidance. In due course, I find myself torn by the daunting task of what I should be doing, how, when and / or why. My ideas are plenty! At times, purely whimsical and at others, clear and succinct. But within a heartbeat, the idea may be gone, long before my fingers reach the keyboard, blazing fiery prose in the form of a blog posting accompanied by splendid visual gymnastics (digital media in its finest form). Alas, I get caught in the stalwart of these visions, documenting prolifically and with ecstatic passion where I can. Yet I remain unreliable on a daily and weekly agenda lately. Lost in the joys of summer warmth, play and sunshine. But now that a new season bears down upon us, I feel a sense of desire in my loins, a return to my chosen ideal of consistent blogging. Perhaps with a commitment of sorts, I will be able to return to a schedule of faithful and loyal purpose, extending myself beyond the realms of my social networking ‘prowess’.  Something needs to shift. And what better time than in the midst of an autumn equinox. A season of change filled with the glowing embers of a waning summer. Goodbye glorious golden season. It’s time to hunker down and prepare for a manifestation of newness and revelry. Bring on the light … shine free and brilliant.

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