Road warriors

Tim's beautiful pets ... who's the boss here?Go figure. The day that we decide to leave Arizona, the weather is absolutely breathtaking! And the forecast for California? A forecast of storms, storms, and more storms (rain AND snow, believe it or not).

Such is life on the road. A gamble. Roll the dice and hope for those double digit temperatures :), with heavy doses of sun tagged on.

Wanting to take advantage of the screaming Internet connection at our friend Tim’s place, I arose early and delighted in my morning surfing tradition. Catch up on emails, peruse facebook, blog and picture posting and the reading of any interesting world news. I can spend hours (and sometimes even whole days) with this little ole’ addiction of mine.┬á With life on the road, I’m learning to live with my more limited WWW access, and like the curbing of any addiction, the going isn’t easy. In actuality, can I call my love of the web an addiction, if it qualifies as part of my ‘job’ description, per se? Being a web designer and a blogger / photojournalist, I suppose that I can justify my computer usage :).

Airstream warriorsIt was early afternoon when we took our flying circus on the road. Luckily, the weather remained quite palatable (low wind, high sun) and we made our way through the burbs of Los Angeles California before tucking in for the night at a WalMart parking lot in Santa Clarita. I’ve been to LA a few times before, but never really had the opportunity to drive its breadth. WOW. What a HUGE sprawling city. For two hours, we chugged along through free flowing traffic (albeit quite heavy and requiring diligence at all times) from one end of the city to the northern side. I knew LA was gigantic, but this was ridiculous! I don’t even want to imagine what traffic is like during the ‘busy’ stressful times of rush hour. Pray that we don’t encounter it on our way back through to San Diego. We may have to travel at 2am to be safe and unstressed by it all. I suppose you would classify this as a road warrior? Braving the depths of travelling full-time on the road. Egads! What have I gotten myself in to??! ­čÖé

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