Return from Paradise

Both slaDE~ and I were excited about waking at the crack of dawn to watch the sun crest the ocean horizon. Unfortunately, what has become a common occurrence here on holiday, I awoke at 3am fully alert, twiddling my thumbs, random mundane thoughts rampant in my brain, tumbling like a dryer full of static electricity. Part of me is truly sad to leave this paradise behind. Opportunities such as we had during the past 3 weeks don’t come around very often, and our jump in to the Blue Hole was a once-in-a-lifetime magical experience that leaves me feeling awe-inspired by the spirituality, beauty and enchantment of this country.

The morning sunrise was full of metaphors for us, this our last day in Belize. The skyline was laden with giant puffy clouds that masked the sun, a fine drop shadow rimming the edge aglow. Patiently we sat, cross legged in mindful meditation, exhilarated by the stunning force of the salty wind which whipped against our bodies with playful abandon. Very different from yesterday morning’s experience. The clouds obscured the sun for the longest time, shape-shifting massive columns of cotton balls that at times seemed dull and grey, spontaneously bursting with fiery brilliance on a whim that passed as quickly as the drizzling rain. After a while, we were a bit miffed that the clouds were marring our ‘perfect’ sunrise, and then realized that we had no control in changing the organic flow of nature and life’s force. Instead I could breath sweetly alongside the imperfection of my narrow and limited vision, embracing the reality of the universe’s course. In life exists this lesson in parallel …. by letting go of my need to control and steer our course on a set path, I can more fully enjoy the moment for what evolves, breath by breath. If I melt in to the imperfect ever-changing moments and wait for the clouds to clear for the ultimate emerging of another day, I will be blessed with life’s glory and end-prize, even if a masked veil of darkness hides in front of life’s brilliance.

Leaving San Pedro …. I felt quite sad to bid farewell to this simplistic but beautiful lifestyle we found in Belize. But an early morning start to meditate on sunrise and kickstart our day off beautifully helped ease any anxiousness that comes with leaving paradise.

Our flight to the mainland is a mere 35 miles to Belize City from San Pedro. A puddle jumper indeed. Today as our plane soared through the scenic puffy clouds, we could make put several small islands, including Caye Chapel (site of Belize’s only 18-hole golf course — a private run resort that would make for an excellent future Boogie site if we found a $75 million  private investor!). As our Caravan flew low over the multi-blue and turquoise hued transparent water, I could see mangrove and sand–edged islands, coral heads, the sand and sea grass bottom, and fishing boats intermixed with the shadows of cotton-ball clouds. A gorgeous send-off from 3 heavenly weeks vacation in Belize. The flight to El Salvador actually took us south along the Belize coast, leaving us with a final distant visual of the Blue Hole and Lighthouse Atoll expanse. That was worth the rerouting of our flight (instead of a straight forward connection right through to Houston). Tears of happiness sealed the perfect ending to a trip of near perfection in paradise. Sweet memories indeed!

Reality hit hard when making our way through customs. Our flight arrival was late at night as it was, but with the incessant petulant questioning of our custom’s agent, we were the very last people to close the immigration enclosure down. An hour of perplexing questions, photographs and fingerprints. Egads, we’re friendly easy-going vacationing Canadians wanting to spend money in the grand ole USA (neighbours to the USA, in fact, eh! Free trade and all, right?), who didn’t deserve to be interrogated like criminals. Big sigh of relief. Texas is our RV home for another month, and then back home to Canada we go! Yay, I miss my family and friends, and winter is coming to en end.

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