Yoga On and Off the Mat

I was wanting a change from my regular bodyweight cardio workout (aka Callisthenics). Something different but intriguing, pushing my comfort zone but enjoyable. So I tried for a bit of variation and actually did a full yoga workout DVD (I have a challenging time trying to keep focused on a yoga DVD …. it usually takes me out of my body which is polar opposite to what I usually like to achieve with a yoga practise). Rodney Yee’s ‘Advanced Yoga‘. I was actually quite inspired, even though I had a great deal of difficulty with some of the arm balancing poses. However, I kept up the difficult poses, laughing through the falls, flat on my face and butt.

Learning to play through the trials and tribulations of daily life, both on and off the mat  ~ whilst not forgetting to breath, can be such a huge obstacle at times. But today I said: ‘Why not?!’

Note: This photo of slaDE and myself is not part of Rodney’s actual DVD, but rather shows how playing with ones balance can be a fun challenge, especially if it is beyond ones comfort zone or regular routine! 🙂

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