Cruising the Cruz

Ocean's doorstepWaking to the distant sounds of the ocean was such a soothing and incredibly beautiful gift. Who knew that I could find such joy in the haven of my Airstream, conscious to the changing world outside, finding sanctity and harmony within. Don’t like the view? Change it! Manifest your destiny, dream big and redefine. And here we are. In probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. The California coastline …. natures exquisite beauty and tremendous power on full display.

Slowly, luxuriously, I savour the pace of our lives. Sometimes as sluggish as a snail in heat. At other times, so much to do, trying to fit it all in. Yet breathing through the beauty of our journey. What luxury to have this freedom. I AM alive. What a blessing. Everything else is a bonus, whether it be the sadness of endings, the excitement of new beginnings, the process of a moment where change is everything yet nothing. And my world stands still. I am still, within that frame of animation, with breathing beating heart, functioning vital emotions that display my humanity and fallible mortality. It all comes down to perception and the world as we know it. It’s all we have. Why not make the most of it whilst we inhabit this earth plane? No right way, no wrong path. Experience. One step forward, two breaths back.

Redwoods kissAmidst all the stillness, life plunges forward today, rushing by like the staggered traffic of Highway 1, and I choose to run some errands whilst enjoying the sunshine blessings of a Californian day. slaDE~ can’t understand why I am unable to sit still with this incredible gift outside our doorstep? In a moment of silence I question that myself, but momentum has me looking to fulfill the tasks of our daily ‘routine’ (however unconventional that may be), exploring the new territory yet comfortable familiarity of this, my once home (Monterey Bay). And he chooses to accompany me. It’s not always smooth and easy, living this path together, with differing viewpoints and haunting desires that pull us in different directions, at times, yet keep us side by side. Always a choice. I can be less heroic and detailed in my choices. But I stand by them. And I am none the lesser.

The day ends on a beautiful note, where redwoods glow with the setting sun, and crop circles in the sand shine with the light of an eternal sun that flickers with one last hurrah, and sets beneath the ocean’s surface, blissful in its choice to bless us with its gift of Mother Natures kiss.

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